We are a homegrown Maritime company dedicated to building beautiful, distinctive spaces that stand the test of time.

Founded in 2005, we started out the same way most of our customers did — with love for what we do, a wicked will to work, and a strong desire to do things right.

Today, we are proud to be one of Atlantic Canada’s most dynamic and fast-growing construction companies.

We’ve grown the way solid companies should – through impeccable quality, word of mouth referrals and an enduring care for the relationships and spaces we build.

Along the way, we’ve learned that no matter what you’re building — a home, a store, a business or a relationship, a strong foundation is paramount.

And at Castone Construction, our foundation is this: care in all we build.

We care about the relationships we form with our customers, the craftspeople we employ, and the structures we bring to life.

Call us today to learn why some of Atlantic Canada’s most dynamic and quality-conscious entrepreneurs have chosen to work with us – time and time again.

Our Services

  • Commercial leaseholds
  • Commercial new construction
  • Residential renovations/additions
  • Residential new construction
  • Millwork
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Heating/Vent